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Oct '05

Beach Pictures from Summer 2005

In August we took the kids to the beach a couple of times. People back home think that just because we live in California, that means we must go to the beach all of the time. Sadly, we do not go nearly enough as we should. We only made it to the beach twice this year. We’ll do better next year.

Santa Cruz

Early in August, we went down to Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful day and we spent about five hours at the beach and two hours at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. For those of you that grew up near me, it is a lot like Paragon Park. I don’t have any pictures from the boardwalk, the digital camera’s battery ran out.

While we were at the beach, Casey and Quinn invented superhero identities for themselves. Casey was Super Surfer and Quinn was his sidekick, Beachboy. It was pretty cute. Click on the link below to see the pictures…

Santa Cruz 2005 Gallery


A couple of weeks later we went to the beach at Capitola. It was a bit chilly in Capitola when we got there. It warmed up a bit by mid-afternoon, but by the time we left it was getting cold again. It didn’t matter, we had a fun time anyway! Click on the link below to see the pictures from Capitola…

Capitola 2005 Gallery

I hope that you enjoy the pictures, even if they are a couple of months late!


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Oct '05

Summer Has Faded Away…

It has been a long crazy summer. A lot has happened and I haven’t written about much of it. Let me try to hit the highlights of our summer…

Father’s Day Camping

In June, we went camping over Father’s Day Weekend. Our current camping group is us, the Conway’s and Adam & Joy. Last year we went to Medford, Oregon (on the Rouge River). Medford is about 7 hours north of San Jose. This year, we camped in the Mt. Shasta area of California. The weekend started out with crummy weather and we spent the first night in a hotel. The weather cleared up, we found a great campsite and we ended up having an AWESOME time! The rest of the story is too long for this update. I did upload a few pictures in my last post.

Massachusetts Trip

We went to visit my family in Boston for 4th of July week. As always, my mom threw one of her normal family parties. There were 80+ family and friends there. It was a great time and I uploaded some pictures in another post. The party was a huge success and it was great to see everyone.

While we were there, we saw some Independence Day fireworks, went to a Brockton Rox game and saw a lot of friends and family. The week went by too fast.

Vegas Trip

At then end of July “the fellas” took Matt to Vegas for his bachelor party. It was a great time! Three days and we all survived (an no one went to jail). Considering that there were 18 of us, that is saying a lot! We stayed at the MGM Grand two nights and at the Rio the third. The second day, we rented a cabana by the lazy river pool for the entire afternoon. Drinking beer while you float through a waterfall is something everyone should do!

It is a Vegas trip that may never be topped. I wish there was more I could tell you, but the rest of the stories stay in Vegas…

Jenn’s Birthday Week

The first big event in August was Jenn’s birthday week. We took Jenn out for a big family dinner at TGI Fridays. We haven’t been to Fridays in a very long time. I have to say, it was good food. In fact, the dessert that we had was awesome! I think that it was called Brownie Obsession.

My big present to Jenn was to take her away for the weekend. Due to Matt and Sanne’s wedding and wedding festivities right around Jenn’s birthday, I had no sitters. We put off the trip until the end of September. This worked out great because by the time we ended up going away, we were ready for a break. In the interest of keeping things in order, I will tell you a little about our weekend later in this post.

Casey Starts School

I can’t believe it, but Casey started Kindergarten at the end of August. I really can’t believe how quickly time passes. I remember it like yesterday, bringing him home from the hospital. Now he is a “big boy” and going to school. I have some small videos and some pictures that I will post. I know, I know… I should have done it already, but the end of the summer has been busy!

Casey is going to a public school, but it specializes in science. He is having a great time and is learning a lot. Kindergarten is a lot different from when I went. It is much more like first grade used to be. He has a decent amount of homework!

Casey is a trooper! He came down with strep throat three days before school started! Luckily he got antibiotics in time, so he was not contagious by the time school started. He did not have to miss the first day. Also, he started school right in the middle of wedding week!!!! So there was a lot going on. Also, as you may have suspected Quinn also came down with strep! I told you it was a crazy end to the summer!

Matt and Sanne’s Wedding

Matt and Sanne were married at the end of August. It was an AWESOME time! The main festivities began on the Thursday before the wedding. Jenn’s parents threw a great rehearsal dinner. Sadly, I could not stay for the whole dinner because I needed to get the kids home to bed. As I said earlier, Casey and Quinn were not feeling well anyway, so it was smart not to keep them out too late.

At the rehearsal dinner, Jenn’s mom played a slide show set to music that she made. It consisted of many pictures of Matt and Sanne from when they were little all the way up to today. It was very cute and everyone loved it.

Friday before the wedding had a few events. The girls all got together and had their nails done. The guys played a scramble golf tournament at the Menlo Country Club. The day of golfing was a great time! My team didn’t come close to winning, but we had a lot of fun. I am not great at golf, but I did enjoy myself (and the course is excellent). That night there was a cocktail party that Jenn’s parent’s hosted. I wasn’t able to attend the cocktail party because I had to pick up my brother and sister-in-law from the airport and I wanted to make sure that the kids got to bed early the night before the wedding.

Saturday was wedding day. The wedding was beautiful. It was held outside at the Menlo Country Club. The weather was perfect and from where the ceremony was held, you had a view of the San Jose Valley. The reception was also held at the club, so there was no travel time involved!!!! That was AWESOME!

Dinner was excellent and a good time was had by all! There was dancing, singing and people having fun! I was having such a good time, it was sad having it come to an end.

Tom and Colleen Visit

Tom and Colleen came out for a visit and to attend Matt and Sanne’s wedding. It was so good to see them. It was just sad that their visit was so short (Friday night to Sunday evening). We had a lot of fun together at the wedding and it was fun to see Colleen’s growing belly!!! She is due in November.

The kids were very excited to see them, although Casey broke out in a major, full body rash. Could anything else have happened?

Quinn Starts Preschool

In the beginning of September, Quinn started preschool. He is going to the same preschool that Casey went to last year, but they moved to a different campus. I really like the new place. I think that it is way better than the old campus. Quinn loves going to preschool. He goes three days a week and Jenn works one of the days. We have some pictures that I will post in the next couple of weeks.

Quinn’s Birthday & Nana and Papa’s Visit

Quinn’s birthday is in the middle of September and we had a great party (as parties for 3-year olds go). My parent’s were not able to come out for the wedding because of dad’s work schedule, but they were able to make it out for Quinn’s birthday. Traditionally, birthday week revolves around food. We took Quinn out a few times and he really enjoyed it.

Nana and Papa’s visit was also a short one, but it was great to see them.

Jenn’s Weekend Away

At the end of September I took Jenn away for the weekend. It was my birthday present to her. With the help of Jenn’s family, we had babysitters for the kids. Jenn and I went away from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. If you have ever seen the prime time drama Hotel (which ran from 1983-1988), the Fairmont was the basis of the show. It is an old hotel (built in 1906), but it has a lot of history with Jenn and I. Whenever I would give a tour of San Francisco, I would bring people to the Fairmont. Also, when we worked at Pinewood, almost every prom we chaperoned was held at the Fairmont.

This was only our second weekend away since Casey was born (5 years ago). We had a great beginning to the first night. We went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Lupe. We haven’t been there in over a year. “Back in the day,”it was a place Jenn, Andy and I would frequent multiple times a month. In the old days, when we walked in the door, they would turn on the blender and have our margaritas ready before we sat down! We were the only people allowed to make reservations on Cinco de Mayo. Oh, but I digress…

After leaving Casa Lupe we drove up to the Fairmont and checked in. It was late (after 9pm, late for us these days), so we decided to just relax in the room. Not long after we got settled in, we both thought we smelled smoke. Then the room stared to fill with smoke! I could not see where it was coming from, so we opened the door, the window and I tried to call the front desk. I could not get the front desk to answer ( after calling SIX times). In between calls, we figured out that the smoke must be coming from the AC unit, so we shut it off.

Finally, I called the concierge and he said that they would send someone right up. By now the smoke alarm was going off (thank goodness not the sprinklers). Al told, it was over 10 minutes from the time the smoke alarm started going off to the time someone finally got to the room. I guess the Fairmont does not worry about fire! By the way, we were on the top floor!!!

Well, they moved us to a different room down the hall. It was an upgrade to a “suite.” Well, apparently at the Fairmont as suite is nothing more than a larger room. Besides being a bit larger, there was nothing different about out suite. It didn’t even have any extra furniture! Oh well, it was bigger and there was no smoke. Well, we found our new room did have one drawback… in the wall it had a main exhaust conduit. It sounded like a train going by all night!

The next morning I went down and bitched out the manager. I ended up with money off of our stay, free breakfast and yet another upgrade in rooms. All-in-all, not too shabby. I had to pull it out of the manager, but at least we were compensated.

The rest of our trip was excellent. We saw two movies in a row on Saturday!!! Then we had an excellent dinner at the Tonga Room (a wonderful Polynesian restaurant at the Fairmont). Oh boy, the Mai Tai’s were good! The breakfast we ordered on Sunday (which was comped) totaled $73.

It was a great weekend away and it came at a great time. The second half of our summer was so busy, we needed a rest. Jenn said it was her best birthday present ever!


So, as you can see, I was not exaggerating. We had one crazy summer! We have just enough time to catch our breath before the holiday seasons kick in. I know I still have a lot of pictures I need to post. I will get them up as soon as possible. I may have just enough time before the 2nd annual BatesFamily Pumpkin Palooza! That however is the subject of a separate post…


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