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Nov '05

Halloween Weekend 2005: Pictures

Halloween weekend was packed this year! Here is a brief synopsis of each event. I have compiled the photo highlights into one big gallery (the link is at the end of this article).

Halloween Weekend: Day 1 – Harvest Festival

On the Friday before Halloween, Casey’s school had a Harvest Festival. It was a fundraiser/community get-together. They had carnival type games, food, music and prizes. Many of the kids wore their costumes, but Casey and Quinn saved theirs for later in the weekend.

In the picture gallery I put a few videos of Casey and Quinn playing the carnival games. I didn’t spend a lot of time optimizing the videos for the web, so even with broadband it may take a few minutes to download them. One of the videos is Quinn playing a game where you have to bounce a car off of a rubber band and have it end up in a red area (2nd prize) or a white area (1st prize). Quinn won the game (which is almost impossible). The best part of the video is that everyone is excited for Quinn and he clearly has no idea what happened!!!

We had a lot of fun at the Harvest Festival. The kids won some cool prizes and we had some yummy snacks from the baked goods table! We walked home and got ready for the next event!

Halloween Weekend: Day 2 – Halloween Party

On Saturday night, we went to a Halloween party at Casey’s friend Ryan’s house. It was fun to see all of the kids in their costumes. Ryan’s parents went all out on the decorations. It was a mild night and the party was outside. Ryan’s dad blocked off a portion of his backyard with a giant PVC pipe wall. They called it the “Haunted Path.” It was cool and the kids loved it!

We also had a costume parade (along the Haunted Path, of course) and some cool Halloween games. The games included “stick the wart on the witch”! The party was a big success and we were all in the Halloween mood.

Halloween Weekend: Day 3 – Pumpkinpalooza 2005

Sunday was the BatesCentral 2nd annual Pumpkinpalooza! In the morning we watched a little football. In the afternoon we had a pumpkin carving event. While we carved pumpkins, we served “spooky punch” and had some Halloween beer. The spooky punch was white grape juice, orange juice (frozen), Seven-up and orange sherbet. To create the “Spooky” part of the punch, we added dry ice. It was very cool! We made a spooky punch for the Halloween party the night before which was Sprite, apple juice, cranberry juice and dry ice.

All of the pumpkins turned jack-o-lanterns came out great. We missed having Jackie here (she has been here for Halloween many times), but we look forward to seeing her at Thanksgiving.

Halloween Weekend: Day 4 – Halloween!

Well the big day finally came. Casey had a Halloween party at school. Later that night, it was time for the trick-or-treating to commence! Casey was a policeman and Quinn was Thomas the Tank Engine. Our next-door neighbor Nicholas and his little sister Jenna made the rounds with Casey and Quinn.

It was a fun night and the kids collected a lot of candy. The highlight houses of the night were “The Quarter Lady” and a family that always goes all out for Halloween. The Quarter Lady does not give out candy, she gives out… do I even have to say? The “family that goes all out” dressed their yard as a farm. The lawn was covered in hay, they made their garage look like a barn, they had a scarecrow (a real person)and even a real tractor in the yard!

It was a fun weekend and we packed in about as much as action as could be done! It was the best Halloween that we have had in a long while.

The Pictures

Here is the link to our Halloween pictures: Halloween Gallery 2005



Posted by Bill on November 13th, 2005 at 12:55 pm


2 Responses to “Halloween Weekend 2005: Pictures”

  1. mom Says:

    video clips didn’t come through

  2. Wendy Says:

    Billy, You did a great job with this. It looks like the boys had a lot of fun!