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Dec '05

Fall 2005

Fall in the Bay Area has been strange. The weather stayed warm for much longer in the season than it normally does. This caused the leaves on the big tree in our front yard to stay put for a few extra weeks. Finally, the weather cooled off and the tree responded by dumping its leaves almost all at once!

There was at few days where you could not see my lawn, the walkway, or the sidewalk! Well, that only meant that Casey, Quinn and I could make the biggest leaf pile we had ever made! It was a fun afternoon.

The Video

My brother Tom sent me a video that he made using iMove. He took a bunch of still shots and put them to music. He did a great job! That reminded me of the videos that I used to make when Casey was a baby. Jenn also remarked that I hadn’t done a video in a long time… well, that spurred me on. So, thanks Tom for getting me started again. You inspire me!

I took some still and some video clips of the kids jumping in the leaves and put them all to music. The video is about a minute and a half long. It has clips from three different days of leaf jumping. The opening scene is from the day our tree dumped most of its leaves at once.

You will need QuickTime 6.0 or greater to view the movie. You can get the latest version of QuickTime from the Apple website.

The video: Fall 2005



Posted by Bill on December 5th, 2005 at 12:09 am

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