February Came and Went...

It has been a month since my last update. I know that I promised more frequent updates, but February was a killer month. Plus I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes modifications to BatesCentral.com (some of which you will notice and some you will not).

Bill's Birthday Week 2005

Well, let's just say that Birthday Week 2005 absolutely SUCKED!!! Before you hear my woes, I will say this... Birthday Week began with the Pats winning another Super Bowl!!! That was awesome!!!! It was not the most exciting Super Bowl and the Pats actually played a pretty crummy game. It is good that they only needed to bring their C-game in order to beat the woeful Eagles. The only reason the Eagles looked good this year is because they played in the lack luster NFC. Mark my words... they will NOT be back next year. My money is on Atlanta to step it up a notch. Anyway, I digress...

So Birthday Week started off great! It all went down hill from there. Let me sum it up quickly...

- It was the busiest week at work that I had since I started (as well as the week before and after Birthday Week).
- Jenn, Casey and Quinn were all sick! Let's just say that when it came to the kids, "there was a whole lotta pukin' goin' on!"
- For my birthday night out, we went to a crummy Italian restaurant and saw a so-so movie.
- UPN cancelled Enterprise
- I was really missing my family.

I did get some good gifts and everyone tried to make it a great week for me. Matt and Sanne baby-sat for us on our night out and both ended up getting sick! I sure know how to spread the joy!!!

So birthday week was a bummer... it happens. I'll have to celebrate vicariously through Jenn's Birthday Week in August!!!!!

Bill is Back Into Coaching

I am back into coaching after a 5 year layoff. This time, however, I am working with younger kids. We signed Casey up for Tee Ball and I am the coach! I am very excited about it. I really miss working with kids. The season starts March 19th with a parade (at 8:00am... ugh). We play pretty much every Saturday from now until June. Don't worry there will be plenty of pictures!

Casey is very excited to play and especially because he gets to wear a real uniform. We got him a new Tee Ball glove and he carried it around everywhere for a week. He even took it to bed with him! Oh, our team name, you ask? We are the Diamondbacks. Could be worse... we could be the Yankees! Someone already had Red Sox.

We Are Getting A Roommate

Matt is getting married in August. He and Tee decided not to waste any more money on rent and leave their apartment. Tee is moving in with Chris for a while and Matt is moving in with us. Casey and Quinn said that it was okay if he stays in our extra bedroom, which they call "Nana and Papa's Room." I am looking forward to it, I just hope that Matt knows what he is getting into...

Mom and Dad Visit for Easter

My parents (Nana and Papa) are coming out to visit us for Easter. We are all very excited about it! Between my parent's visit and Matt moving in, I guess we will have to clean out the extra bedroom. It is kind of filled with our overstock items (or what Jenn refers to as "junk," i.e., Bill's stuff).

Jenn and Bill on Atkins

Jenn and I have been doing Atkins since November 30th. We cheated during the holidays and I went off it all of Birthday Week (I needed some joy). Still, we are both down 20 pounds! I am wearing pants that I haven't worn in two years! Some days it is hard, but others it is great. I do long for pizza and my salt and vinegar chips! I would like to lose another 10 to 15 pounds before I drop it. There is a lot of misunderstanding of Atkins, it is not all about "eating as much red meat as you want all of the time." When I go off, I won't be a low carb freak, but I will continue to watch my carbs. I have not had heartburn or an upset stomach since I started this. Before Atkins, I was eating Tums like candy!!!

In Closing...

Well, that is about the extent of February. It was pretty forgettable. So far, March has been a much better month! I look forward to St. Patrick's Day and Easter. I'll slowly be making improvements to the website in the coming months and adding more features. I also need to post a lot more pictures of the kids. Hey, like I said, February sucked. I'll get more pictures up this month.


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