Fri - March 4, 2005

February Came and Went...

Posted at 09:48 PM  
It has been a month since my last update. I knowthat I promised more frequent updates, but February was a killer month. Plus Ihave been doing a lot of behind the scenes modifications to of which you will notice and some you will not). Well, let me start bytelling you about Birthday Week...

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Wed - January 26, 2005

A Wet January

Posted at 09:15 PM  
January has been pretty wet around theBatesCentral Compound. Rain is typical this time of year, but as of today, weare 147% of normal for this time of year. San Jose did not break any records,but it sure is wet. I think that Old Man Winter may give us a rough second halfhere in the US...

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Sat - January 15, 2005

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music!

Posted at 12:00 AM  
Last January Apple released a program calledGarageBand. It is, by far, one of the most incredible pieces of software that Ihave ever used. It is also one of the most addicting. I used it to create acouple of songs dedicated to Casey and Quinn...

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Fri - January 14, 2005

Gmail: I Am One of the Lucky Few

Posted at 11:46 PM  
Today I feel like Charlie when he found thegolden ticket inside of the Wonka Bar! The reason for this excitement? Well, Ihave been chosen as one of the "lucky few" who have been invited to try Google'sGmail. When I say lucky few, I am probably one of a few hundred thousand to beasked by Google to participate...

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Wed - January 12, 2005

Nana and Papa Visit

Posted at 12:46 AM  
Nana and Papa take a long weekend and visit theBatesCentral compound.

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Sat - January 1, 2005

December 2004 Part 3: Christmas Day

Posted at 11:17 PM  
Pictures from Christmas Day at the BatesCentralcompound.

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Thu - December 30, 2004

December 2004 Part 2: Christmas Eve

Posted at 10:15 AM  
Pictures from Christmas Eve in my new galleryformat.

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