The Faces of Quinn

What About Casey?

Quinn has been severely neglected online, so to help ease my guilty conscience I have posted some great shots of Quinn.

"Yes I am adorable and I know it!"

"Even covered in dirt, I am a cutie!"

"Boy I love to play outside"

"I am such a ham!"

"Sometimes you just gotta snooze!"

"I love Schilling and a good smores bar"

"Cotton candy is another favorite snack of mine."

"WooooHoooo, here I come!"

"I love to make a mess!"

"I especially like mommy's chocolate peanut butter balls."

"I just love to smile!"

"Being a cowboy is exhausting work..."

"I know that this basketball is bigger than me, but I think that I can still dunk!"

"I just love my Gymboree class!"

"I really love to smile."

"Did I also say how much I love cupcakes?"

"I love to just relax and look at the flowers..."

Posted: Sun - December 19, 2004 at 12:27 PM        

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