Nana and Papa Visit

A Long Flight

I was very sad that the family could not make it back to Massachusetts for the holidays. This was the second year in a row that I have not been home for either Christmas or New Years. I hope it is not a trend, because I did not like it one bit. Needless to say, the kids were very unhappy that we would not be visiting Nana and Papa for Christmas.

Nana and Papa decided that they could not go without seeing us, so they took a long weekend and came for a visit! It was a rough start, because their flight was cancelled the day before it was supposed to take off!!! Apparently the midwest was having "the storm of the century." I guess it must be of THIS century, because everyone that I spoke with in the storms path said it was much worse looking on TV than in real life...

In any event, my parents scrambled to fix the situation. They were able to get on a flight form Boston to LA and a commuter flight from LA to San Jose. The whole trip would not have been too bad but they were stuck on the tarmac for a few hours waiting for their plane to be de-iced. Well, it took them quite a while and they had to deal with some obnoxious airline personnel, but they finally made it by dinner time!

A Fun Weekend

The four days flew by, but is was great to have them in town. We went out to eat a couple of times. For those of you who know my mom, you know that she loves Chef Chu's, a Chinese restaurant owned by some friends of ours. It is the best Chinese food that you will ever eat! Anyway, we had to go there one night and we had a lot of fun (and ended up with full bellies).

On Friday, Nana spent the day at Casey's pre-school with Casey and Jenn. Casey loves it when nana goes to school with him. We are lucky that Casey's pre-school is a co-op. Jenn works one day a week and they encourage family participation. I have "worked" there a couple of times and it is a ball!

While nana was with Casey, papa spent the day with Quinn and me. We took him to Fry's Electronics. If you have never been to Fry's, think of it at the Home Depot of electronics and technology (or as I like to call it... heaven). We were there right at Quinn's nap time, so we did not get enough quality time with the plasma TVs because Quinn was falling asleep and we needed to get him home. Amazingly (and uncharacteristically), we only made one, small purchase (a computer book for dad).

A Birthday Celebration

There always seems to be an event coinciding with an east coast visitor, and this trip was no exception. Gramps (Jenn's dad) birthday was the same weekend my parent's was here. The Payne/Bates/Feldon Clan-West showed up at my house for a birthday dinner. Our house was packed, but we had a great time. I really enjoy having both mine and Jenn's family together.

Great California Weather

My parents got to view a Northern California winter first hand. It rained the entire time that they were here. Actually, the weather was a bit unusual. We are already at 175% of the normal rainfall for this time of year. We didn't get to use the hot tub this time around, but it will still be here on their next visit!

All Good Things...

Sadly, Nana and Papa's visit was too short. I don't feel that I got to spend too much quality time with them this visit, but I know that the kids did. This time around, that is what was most important to me. On Sunday night they took the red-eye home. Taking them to the airport was harder this time than usual. We are already looking forward to their next visit.


Posted: Wed - January 12, 2005 at 12:46 AM        

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